Are Your Gutters Bugging You?

Nothing is worse than ending an outdoor party or relaxation time because the mosquitos won’t stop biting. Now that it’s mid-summer, you’re probably spending more and more time outside in your backyard, and it can be tough to enjoy your space when there is a breeding ground for bugs right above your head. While citronella candles and bug spray can help ward them off temporarily, there is a better way to address an increase in bugs in your backyard, and finding the source of the problem is the first step.

Standing water is a huge attraction for mosquitos because it provides a great environment for them to lay their eggs. Aside from being annoying and uncomfortable, having mosquitos living and breeding around your home can become a health risk to any family members and pets who spend just a few minutes in your backyard. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest places for standing water to form is in your gutters!

With the amount of rain hitting parts of the US during hurricane and summer storm season, keeping your gutters clear of debris is the best way to avoid standing water and a spike in your yard’s mosquito population.

If you’re keeping your gutters clear because you like spending time outdoors enjoying your free time, the most convenient way to keep your gutters performing well is by installing a gutter protection system that will prevent build-up and keep you off that ladder every few weeks. For example, the award-winning GutterShutter leaf and debris protection system is a clog free gutter system guaranteed to never pull away from the home for the lifetime of the structure!

Keep your backyard relaxing by avoiding standing water this summer – find a GutterShutter dealer near you or call toll-free, 866-677-GUTTERS (4888) for a free, no-obligation estimate and find out for yourself why so many homeowners choose GutterShutter for their home!