Great Products Lead to Great Referrals

If you want to jump start your business, the best source of new sales is existing customers.  The acquisition costs for referrals are typically the lowest for all new business, and the new customer comes to you with a favorable impression of your company, product and services.

Great products lead to referralsThat’s one of the reasons the GutterShutter system does so well for GutterShutter Factory Authorized Dealers (and customers).  The product quality is superior to others on the market and customers are quick to refer the GutterShutter leaf and debris prevention system to their friends, neighbors and co-workers who need new gutters.  When you are considering a gutter business, or adding a gutter protection system to your business services, pay particular attention to the quality of the product, and installation training.

GutterShutter dealers are equipped with an extremely high quality product, and receive sales, marketing and installation training, including factory training at our manufacturing center and retail outlets in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our commitment to dealers helps ensure end customer satisfaction, and a high level of customer referrals, and even repeat business when homeowners move.

Contact us today to learn more about the GutterShutter system and Factory Authorized Dealer opportunities in your market, and find out how our dealer model differs from franchise operations.  Call 877-677-4888 and speak with John Cross, today.