Are Your Gutters at Risk During a Storm?

September means it’s hurricane season for most of the East Coast, and storm season for many other states. If you live in an area with high winds and rain this month, you’re probably paying attention to the way it can affect your home – checking on your landscaping, watching for poor drainage and making sure your home won’t flood. But what about your gutters?

Most homeowners aren’t thinking about their gutters when considering ways their home can be damaged during a storm, but broken gutters can lead to much bigger, more expensive issues with their roofing and foundation.

Of course, a gutter system that is poorly installed is going to be at risk during high wind and rain. The best thing for you to do is inspect your gutters before a storm arrives, looking for places where it may be pulling away from your home, as well as for cracks and leaks. If you see signs of trouble, it’s time to think about replacing them.

However, even the best gutters can fail during a storm if they are clogged and full of debris. Now that fall is almost here, leaves are beginning to change colors and fall from trees, and your gutters could be full even if you checked them recently. To protect them during a storm, make sure they are clean and ready to take on large amounts of rain.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have the time to keep track of their gutters. It can also be dangerous to continually climb a tall ladder to examine build-up. The best possible solution to protect your gutters and home during a storm is to have a clog-free protective system installed.

With experienced installers and a system guaranteed to never pull away from your home, GutterShutter is the best choice for your home during hurricane season. Give GutterShutter a call today for a free estimate, or use our online tool to find a dealer near you.