How to Choose the Right Gutter Business

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If you’re considering starting a gutter business or adding gutters to your existing home improvement services, you’re faced with a wide range of products to choose from.  Gutters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are dozens of gutter systems available.

Choosing which gutter system to sell and install, involves far more than simply picking the product that you like.  Owning and running a gutter business is different than simply choosing the best gutters for your home.  You want to make sure the manufacturer is able to provide the best product and support to help you grow your gutter business well into the future.

We recommend starting with the product, first.  The more you like and believe in the product, the more excited you will be to sell and install the system and be proud to have the gutter system as part of your business.  Choosing the right gutter business should begin with identifying the top gutter systems available to you in your market.

Gutters vs Gutter Systems

First, consider if you just want to sell and install gutters, or a complete gutter system.  Gutters themselves are open, and are most often created to length on the job site as seamless lengths from rolls of gutter material.  Sometimes referred to as “K-style” gutters, and available in five or six inch sizes.  Standard K-style gutters are sold and installed at lower price points and businesses just selling traditional gutters often compete with handyman companies and do-it-yourself homeowners.

Gutter systems are more than the gutter itself, and include some type of protective top or hood that prevents leaves and debris from flowing into the gutter.  A major selling point is that the homeowner doesn’t need to clean leaves and debris from the gutters several times each year.  There are a wide range of brands and systems, from screens and hoods that attach to the roof itself, to industry leading systems like the GutterShutter that securely fastens to the eaves using patented brackets.

For the a business owner, a complete gutter system offers more solutions to the homeowner, and in most areas of the country there is a higher demand for a system, rather than open gutters.  Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of product to start your gutter business, look at the company behind the system and the relationship.

Is the product available for distribution in your market, or does someone already control your territory.  For the right business opportunity, you may consider relocating to an open territory where you can represent your preferred line or there is less competition.  Is the gutter business opportunity a franchise, with royalty payments and associated fees, or an authorized dealer arrangement like GutterShutter?

Finally, look at the training and support available from the manufacturer or franchisor:

  • Can you get factory training on sales and installation?
  • Is the manufacturer available for ongoing support, such as participating in sales training, providing marketing materials etc.?
  • What additional costs are involved for marketing and sales support?
  • Does the manufacture also sell and install the product so they know the challenges of the retail side?
  • What type of warranty is available from the manufacturer?
  • Does the product or system have patents that are protected, or will you face competition from copycats?
  • And how is the manufacturer and the associated manufacturer-owned retail arm rated by the Better Business Bureau and other agencies?

There are a lot of decisions that go into choosing the right gutter business for your next venture.  We know that GutterShutter isn’t the right choice for everyone and if you’re considering starting a gutter business or adding a gutter system to your current home improvement business we’re happy to talk with you, invite you out to our manufacturing facility and to see our retail locations in action.  We have new territories for authorized GutterShutter dealer opportunities and invite you to contact us today at 877-677-4888 for a no-obligation conversation about territories and factory authorized dealer opportunities.