Why be Thankful for the Gutter Shutter System?

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As the busy holiday season comes into focus, so do our homes. With family and friends coming to visit or stay, we all want our homes looking the best they can for the occasion.

Fortunately, no one with the GutterShutter system has to worry about when getting their home ready. They can rest easy knowing their roofs, gutters, foundation and walkways are clean and clear of excess debris or damage thanks to our system.

Want to know all the reasons to be thankful for your GutterShutter system this year? Here are just a few:

1. Eliminate Sagging Gutters

If you let gutters clog with leaves, twigs and other debris, a visible sag or bend in the gutter happens-fast. It’s caused by too much weight pulling hangers away from the fascia of the house. If left hanging too long, your gutters will tear away from your home.

With GutterShutter, you’ll no longer worry about this common eyesore and expensive problem.

3. Prevent Standing Water

Stagnant water on your property is not good, but particular attention should be given to the water in your roof’s gutters. In the winter, the water creates ice pockets that damage gutter walls and seams due to excess expansion and contraction.
Fortunately, you can stay inside and rest easy this winter knowing your GutterShutter system prevents this from happening.

2. Maintenance Free!

Traditional gutters are flimsy and accumulate damages more quickly than homeowners can fix them! The award-winning, patented GutterShutter leaf and debris protection gutter system takes care of this problem, forever.

Our system is designed to be maintenance-free, doesn’t contact your roof or shingles, and includes downspout debris catchers to whisk away water and collect the few small items that may get through our gutter guards. That way, you can (thankfully) stay off those Gutters.
Learn more about how the Guttershutter system gives you back your time and your peace of mind during the busy holiday season, by contacting a dealer near you.